New Roadmap of Gitin

There have been approximately a month since I started to develop gitin. For a quick reminder, gitin is a commit/branch/workdir explorer for git. The tool itself brings a handy and minimalist interface to git browsing. The initial thought for creating gitin has emerged from the idea of “an interactive alternative to git status“. I use gitin every day for gitin status. Just as I imagined it. The gitin status command is to replace the workflow of git status, git add and git commit. It works better than expected for me. I love using it and it is very powerful for exploring the current status of my repository. It also allows built-in interactive hunk staging so that I can stage, commit individual diff hunks. It saved a lot of time of mine. The demo can be found below:

I would like to take the focus of gitin to its status command. I am working on a new theme on the status command. Also, I re-write the status part as a new tool to test and avoid old architecture. The new tool can be seen below:

This will replace gitin status. In other words, this will be the “new” gitin status. To improve commit and branch browsing I have some thoughts in my mind and I would like to share them in another post. I can’t wait to share my thought about the “better” way of exploring a git repository. A big surprise is on its way :)

I am more than excited to hear the thoughts of users of gitin. These are not the final decisions, everything is subject to change and I will open an issue to discuss this on GitHub.

Also, If you prefer to discuss this on Twitter, you can find me here.